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It is essential to quickly round out Québec’s daycare services by including services on a part-time or occasional basis based on a recognized educational program, in an effort to give every child the opportunity to develop to the fullest extent possible and to allow parents to exercise their role as primary educators in equally favourable conditions. [Our translation]

Le Devoir, October 19, 2020

Opinion piece signed by 26 professors and researchers in the childhood, family or labour fields


The development of the Educational childcare services (ECS) network is one of Québec’s great social success stories.

The development of the Educational childcare services (ECS) network is one of Québec’s great social success stories. It has made it possible for thousands of women to enter the workforce while raising a family, and for hundreds of thousands of children to benefit from the kind of environment that will contribute to their optimal development..

Atypical Needs

Despite the undeniable popularity of ECSs, about 1/3 of families with children 0 to 5 years of age choose other childcare arrangements for a variety of reasons.

They may feel pressured by their family or work situation, or simply want to be fully involved in this stage of their children’s lives by staying at home with them.

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There are several reasons why families choose not to use ECSs, and one of them is that the network doesn’t offer services that are adapted to the needs or realities of all families.

More specifically, the following situations come to mind:

Families whose parents have lost their jobs

Families with parents who are studying

Immigrant or asylum-seeking families

Families that work from home

Families in the process of learning French

Families with atypical working hours

... And all the families that need temporary daycare or a break for a few hours.

Parents are the primary and most important educators of their children. They make decisions based on their everyday life.

It is our duty to support them by providing appropriate services.

Our organizations
Did you know that in Québec
community organizations

offer part-time or occasional drop-in daycare services backed by a recognized educational program in order to meet these families’ needs?

Community drop-in daycare centres are part of a well-established network operating throughout the province of Québec.

Like many other community-based networks, drop-in daycare centres suffer from a chronic lack of recognition and funding and are unable to meet all the needs.

Add to the mix the fact that the program they are funded through also limits access to services for parents in certain circumstances, namely it excludes parents who have a job. This points to a rather imperfect understanding of the vulnerability families face when they do not have access to appropriate daycare.

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I support Québec’s community drop-in daycare centres

It is urgent that the Québec government recognize that families have the right to choose the type of daycare they need and that it allow community drop-in daycare centres to provide for families with atypical needs by ensuring proper funding and eliminating existing barriers to access..

More than ever, greater support for Québec’s community drop-in daycare centres is necessary if we want to give every family the best possible chance to thrive, and every child the best possible chance to reach their full potential.

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